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Atlanta’s top AKN

Educator and Provider

Yisrael “Yizclusive” Wright is an established licensed Master Barber / Grooming Specialist dedicated to entrepreneurship and pushing the grooming culture forward through innovation, education, and Mindshift.
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We offer services for companies, groups and individuals.


Keloidalis Nuchae 

Also known as Pseudofolliculitis barbae

A common issue suffered mainly by black and brown men in the nape area or around the / under the chair. 


Ingrown hairs cause irritation, bleeding, itching, soreness, and swelling. 

This is commonly seen after irritation or bacteria has planted itself below the epidermis and penetrated the pore. The hair follicle is now infected and blood, puss, and other toxins will secrete or create pustules in that area.

The 3 part treatment series: bump, skin, products solutions, will take 4-6 weeks to actually get the best possible results. 


Treatments beyond that will ensure the results even more. Products + Treatments = Best results.

AKN Education 

Yisrael has been Certified AKN specialist since 2016 and in 2020 he began offering education to help more people dealing with this issue globally. Yisrael has certified 100+ grooming specialists nationwide and internationally including Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, and is expanding his reach via digital learning. Yisrael also offers virtual live training and in person training classes. 


If you are a:

  • Licensed Barber 

  • Cosmetologist 

  • Aesthetician 

  • Grooming Specialist 


Looking for training in the AKN treatment, book our complimentary call (include a hyperlink for them to book a 10 minute call). which highlights availability, what is included in the class, payment options and more. 

⁃ Digital Course $1000 (DOWNLOAD & LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE)

- Virtual Course $1750 (LIVE MODEL TRAINING) 

⁃ In person Course  $3500 (HANDS ON TRAINING)  Highly Recommended

Our Courses; 

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Yisrael has over a decade of experience as a licensed skin care and hair care professional. He has been trained by top industry educators in the Skin and hair care industry to perform non-surgical procedures. Yisrael created a method to extract ingrown hair follicles to help relieve discomfort as well as reduce the appearance of the problem area. He has dedicated himself to offering this specialized service to help a selective group of people in need of this ailment being reversed, resolved, or provide relief. Through his experience, he has catered to an underserved community who have been desperately seeking results for years from specialists and dermatologists who gave little to no results. 

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